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Lever Belt Misalignment Switches

Lever Belt Misalignment SwitchesType NSR 22-BM lever belt misalignment switch is reverted by its both sides and mounted operator cylinder. Switch is forecasted due to expected long line running on very long carriage belts.


 MT012Moflon Sliprings MT012 series are standard, off-the-shelf products, Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections.

Mercotac 430 - 4 Conductor 2x4A & 2x30A

Mercotac 430 - 4 Conductor 2x4A & 2x30AMercotac Slip Rings Model 430 / 4 Conductor 2x4 - 2x30 Amper has brushless transmission technology and care unrequired body.

Mercotac 205 - 2 Conductor 4A

Mercotac 205 - 2 Conductor 4AMercotac Slip Rings Model 205 / 2 Conductor 4 Amper is easy assembly and care unrequired body. Brushless transmission technology provides long life.


UAM-02LP-T302Safety Laser Scanner, Compact, lightweight and easy to use. From low mounting in AGVs to vertical mounting for access protection, the compact body fits for wide range of applications.

Pull Cord Emergency Switch

Pull Cord Emergency SwitchKBT design of corded emergency shutdown switches is suatible for heavy duty supplies. It guarantees long years of security service thanks to aluminium made housings.

SmartDot Laser Sensor

SmartDot Laser SensorTri-Tronics SMARTEYE Laser Sensor, is designed for precise, small parts detection at long ranges. The consistently small laser beam is used to detect such things as a tab on a battery.

Mercotac 230 - 2 Conductor 30A

Mercotac 230 - 2 Conductor 30AMercotac Slip Rings Model 230 / 2 Conductor 30 Amper has options as Model 230, Model 230-SS, Model 57230, Model 55251, Model 55250 with the order codes.

ColorWise True Color Sensor

ColorWise True Color SensorThe SMARTEYE® is the most feature packed color sensor available. The most difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or the closest priced competitive product.


MC330MC330 slip rings are small, compact with OD 22mm * L 33mm, capsule style, standard, off-the-shelf.Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator&rotor for simplified electrical connections.