Slip Rings

Slip Ring Çözüm Ortağınız İmaj Teknik

What is SLIP RING?

Slip Ring is an electro mechanical component that provides connection between rotary and stationary parts of machines. It can be used on any rotational electromechanical systems. With using slip rings you can eliminate the cables which can be affected by environment easily, improve your mechanical performans and make your system simpler.

However it is also called as the transmission ring,rotary electrical interface, rotary electrical connector, collector, electrical rotary partexc. These rotary connectors are on the motor systems, electrical generator (AC) and packaging machines, on the cable reels and wind turbines. It can be on power trasferring channels, control units, analog &digital signals, aerodrome beacons, power shovels, radio telescopes and helyostats.

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Mercury Slip Rings

 ( Mercury Slipring )

Mercotac is manufacturer for slip rings in high quality with low costs.Mercotac Rotary Connector is improved for many of the ındustrial machinery applications. Mercury series have high quality for transferring power and signals. With this feature it gained appreciation of many customers.

General Specifications of Mercotac Slip Rings

  • Practical and easy connection option thanks to its compact sizes
  • Internal Resistance less than 1 mOhm
  • Strong mechanical mold, no maintanance
  • No electrical parasitics
  • Option for transferring both of signal and power currents
  • More than 1 million cycle in use
  • Operating without friction and any noise


Most Favorite Mercotac Models





Horizontal Packing Machines Superior Transmission Technology

Rotary connectors are used to transfer electrical current and transfer ring the information of thermocoupleor PT100 to the heat control device in horizontal packaging machines.

Copperrings need to do main tenance periodically and they can be problematic if they are used over a certain speed. Because of these affections wastage rates increase, also the production reduces due to maintenance time. Maintenance-free Mercotac Model 430 is specifically designed to eliminate such problems in horizontal packaging machines.

Mercotac 430 model has 4 conductors. This model does not make transmission of the rotating connector by friction like copper braceletor coal, it makes the transmission via metal alloy liquid in it.



Thanks to the fluid, the two ends work in constant contact withe a chother with out rupture and friction. Its internal resistance is less than 1m and ensures the correct and high quality transmission by minimizing the deformation in the transmission.

With Mercotac Model 430,theeach of conductors are capable of conducting a maximum of 30 Amperes 250 Volt AC / DC and 4 Amperes 250 Volt AC / DC electrical power from the other two ends.

The thermocoupleor PT100 information and resistance supply are transferred with the rotating connectors to heat control device by a single product in horizontal packaging machines. With a maximum working speed of 1200 RPM, it allows the serial machines to run more efficiently.

Mercotac has developed a number of special connectors for simplifying the installation of the product in the Model 430.

Asiantool sliprings are a imitation production of Mercotac.






Moflon Slip Ring Have Solutions

For All of Your Applications


Inline with the needs of today's technology, many product models have been developed by Moflon. In our country, mostly used models are old types that are open and completely unprotected, non-isolated and without any quality testing, non-certified products.

Latest technology has rendered old type connectors and has developed many new models to meet new needs.

Although using of old type products continues intensively, it is difficult to respond to the developed technology and the need for higher quality communication has led Moflon company, which has been manufacturing for 15 years, to produce a new generation of rotary connectors. Moflon brand has opened a newer a in this field with its special and standard models according to the needs of the industry. Moflon started production with special products for military applications, then continued its production with focusing on robotics, packaging and filling machines, cranes and mobile cranes and offered special solutions for sector applications such as health, entertainment, space and radar.


Moflon offers the best and most innovative solutions for the transmission with the combination of USB connection, Fiber optic, Ethernet, Pneumatic and Hydraulic, RF rotary joint product groups, providing uninterrupted communication in all conditions with IP Protection class products for demanding usage conditions of moflon applications.The ability to combine many features with in a single product (Pneumatic Hydraulic + Signal + Power + Data Transfer) is one of the factors that put Moflon one step ahead of its competitors. In addition to that its favorable price policy and up-to-date technology let it produce a special product such as rodaj slip rings.

Ravioli Slip Rings for Heavy In Endustry

Ravioli Spa produces communication bracelets planned in accordance with Europe an standards EEC 89/392,its maintains electrical continuity in both parts of an engine.These products and multi-purpose sensors can also solve problems such as digital signal transmission, high current power supply, small size requirement. 

Ravioli is structurally modular and many models can be used in liquid applications with rotating parts.

Models of Ravioli ;

It is trustful with EXD Series, PME Series, PMP Series, PRP Series, PRG Series, PRS Series, PSG Series and PSP Series Product Group sand quality certificates for needed applications.



LTN Slip Ring

LTN Rotary connectors are durable in open sea applications or under strong vibrations, even in harsh environmental conditions. In this direction, they secure the functionality and continuity of the entiremachine safely. Rotary connector systems can be used in many electrical systems and in different applications. Digital data transfer in computer network 

LTN Products Applications Include:

・Sistem Surveillance systems
   [ As examples; radar system and CCTV applications ]
・Medical applications such as surgical lamps
・In the field of renewable energy
   [ As examples wind turbines and solar panel monitoring  ]
・High frequency [ Signal transmission ]
・Digital data transfers in computer network 


Hangzhou Prosper

Hangzhouprosper is found in 2003, in China. Thecompanymanufacturing slip ringsandalsojoysticks. It has 500 employeesforthefactory, on 7500 squaremeter.

Hangzhou Prosper is the biggest manufacturer in China, and it has too many types of products which are answering there quirements of customers in the domestic market. It has good and long termrelations wtih domesticre search mentınstıtute. Inaddition to that it has qualified manager team, advanced technology management, first class manufacturing and strong quality control systems.

The Group of Products

Prosper SRC Series                                                                             

SRC series are Capsule Types that has signal and power and many different protocol conductors are available, diameter of the body is from 12 mm to 99 mm.

Prosper SRT Series

SRT series are special designed products. The company is an expert for off shore, wind turbines and high defitinition video slip rings.

Prosper FOSR Series

FOSR Series have fiber optic options and they are produced from 1 channel to 8 channels. FORS series areableto be combined with SRC and ARH models.




​You Can Choose Products From Brands

Prosper SRS Serisi

SRS seies has high speed up to 3000 rpm and it can be modified more than it.

Prosper SRH Serisi

For the hollow shafts there are types from 3 mm to 300 mm diameter for hole.It can be connected with the pneumatic and hydroulic equipmants.Signal , power and many different protocol conductors are available.

Prosper SRD Serisi

Specialized SRD Models allow to transmit signal and power. The maximum product body height is 33mm.