Areas of Activity

Working Fields – Our Strong Points

Our fields of activity; We have been making sales & marketing studies of our represented brands and of many local and foreign electrical-electronical, robotics, hydraulic, pneumatics, and sensing manufacturer companies in Turkey market. Basic rule of our working system is to provide best available prices and rapid supply process to our esteemed customers with our self renewing sales team and work of our partners in our abroad offices according to inquiries received from our customers.

We are proud of working with first 500 major corporations  of Turkey industry.

Following are some of  sectors we work for

Wrapping, Packing and Paper FacilitiesMilitary & Defence Industry
White Appliances Factories
Cement and Concrete Facilities
Valuable Mining Facilities
Iron & Steel Production Facilities 
RailwaysElectricity and Energy Production Plants
Food Production Facilities
Aviation IndustryMedicine Factories
Chemical FacilitiesPortsMachine Manufacturers
Automative Factories
Petro Chemical Refineries
Textile Industry
Textile Mach. Production Factories
Cleaning Materials Factories
Wagon Manufacturing Industry
Crane Manufacturing Factories