About Us

İmaj Teknik Elektrik was founded in 1980 with headquarters in Istanbul. Now, we serve with two domestic and two abroad offices. Our company are totally 13 abroad manufacturers distributors in Turkey, as a result of electrical,automation and electronical materials' purchase and sales, export
and import and including partically manufacturing some parts.

As we know that expectations of customers change by the time, we have always been trying to serve quality with our products by renewing ourselves forever. We have been feeling delight of serving our products to our customers with affordable prices for many years by providing our reliability with our aftersales services.

We owe our success in sector to our experience, and we owe our experience to our customers that always support us and contribute our development with their ideas. We continue our way by increasing our speed with the delight thanks to seeing that our work is permanant. You can visit our website that includes information of all of our products for gaining information and for detailed research.