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Electrical Conductivity Level Sensor MT10


Insensitive to contamination
Relay unit with sequential logic circuit (RE9000) ignores affection from scum, suspended solids or other contamination.

Extremely rugged
Having no moving parts, the sensor offers long service life.

Easy-to-use relay unit
Mounting the sensor is easy with a cleaner and a mounting bracket.

Suitable for a wide range of applications
DIP switch on relay unit allows measurement of various liquids. 
(Sensitivity: 1kΩ to 80kΩ)

Electrical Conductivity Level Sensor MT10

Principle of Operation

The sensor has a pair of electrodes, and applies alternating current to them. When the liquid covers the electrodes, it forms a part of an electric circuit, causing current to flow. The sensor measures electric resistance of the liquid, and compares the measured value with a preset value to determine liquid presence. When liquid presence is detected, the sensor sends a signal to an amplifier to open or close relay contacts of relay units.