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Electrode Level Sensor CE (Electrode band type)


  • Standard electrodes are in 316SS, titanium or Hastelloy. Suitable for chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, as well as purified water.
  • Plastic terminal box and flange are rugged. The cover requires no screws or bolts for easy handling.
  • Cable type suits long range applications, and offers easy installation even when space above tank is limited. Maintenance is also easily performed.
Electrode Level Sensor CE (Electrode band type)

Principle of Operation

The sensor operates in combination with a relay unit. 
Without conductive liquid between electrodes, no current flows. With conductive liquid between electrodes, current flows.
The relay opens or closes its contacts depending on the presence or absence of the current. The relay unit RE7000 supplies small alternating current, so the sensor offers long service life without erosion.