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Mercotac 1250 - 1 Conductor 250A

Mercotac Model 1250

- Brushless transmission technology
- Easy assembly and care unrequired body
- Data and/or  power transmission
- Small sized and pretty light body
- More than 1 billion rotations long use duration
- Electrical parasites are such tiny that can be ignored, noiseless running
- Made in USA





Standart Model


Stainless Steel Housing


Metrical Screwed (M10 x 1.5)


Metrical Screwed (M10 x 1.5) + Stainless Steel Housing


Stainless Steel Housing and Body


Metrical Screwed (M10 x 1.5) + Stainless Steel Housing and Body

     Suggested Auxiliary Connection Equipment




Protection Kit Against dust and water leaps, IP51

Mercotac Slip Rings Model 1250 - 1 Connector 250 Amper

-Maximum Operating Voltage: 250V AC/DC
-Maximum Continious Operating Current (240V AC): 250 Amper  
-Maximum Frequency: 200 MHz -Outer Diameter: 31,6mm
-Operating Temparature: Max. 140 (60)/ Min. F (C) -20(-29)  

Mercotac Slip Rings Model 1250 - 1 Connector 250 Amper 

Suggested Mounting Methods​
Model 1250 is typically mounted by the threaded stud on either end or by the black body using a set screw.  When mounting horizontally, mount the Mercotac so the body of the connector rotates.

Installation Notes:
the up arrow should not point below horizontal
do not solder to or bend connector tabs
avoid lateral forces and mechanical loads (overly stiff or tight wires)
do not rigid mount both ends of connector
limit mounting eccentricity (runout / wobble) to .005" (.13mm)
provide overload protection within the circuit
avoid vibration and bumping motions