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TOC Tilt Switch

Vigor Technology MEMS Inclinometer / TOC Tilt Switch 


  • Hysteresis up to 0.01° 
  • Trip repeatability up to 0.005° 
  • Dual trip point each axis 
  • Adjustable filtering when vibrating 
  • Electrical damp - Eliminates inadvertent outputs due to momentary movement 
  • Delay time adjustable 
  • Efficient EMC protection 
  • IP67 Protection 
  • Both tilt data+switch signal output 
  • Omini-direction alarm optional 


Construction equipment, Building controls, Cranes, Forklifts

TOC Tilt Switch
Measurement range ±5° ±10° ±15° ±30° ±45° ±60°
Inclination parameter
Combined absolute
accuracy ①(@25 ℃ )
±0.01° ±0.015° ±0.02° ±0.04° ±0.06° ±0.08°

Absolute linearity(LSF,%FS)

±0.06 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.02 ±0.02

Cross-axis sensitivity②

Offset ③ ±0.005° ±0.008°
Repeatability ±0.0025°
Hysteresis ±0.0025°
Allowed installation misalignment④ ±4.0° ±3.0° ±2.5° ±1.5° ±1.2° ±1.2°
Input-axis misalignment ≤±0.1°
Sensitivity temperature drift
≤100ppm/℃ ≤50ppm/℃
Offset temperature drift
≤0.003°/ ℃
Offset turn on repeatability ±0.008°
Resolution 0.0025°
Long-term stability(1 year) ≤0.02°
Measurement axis 1 or 2 axis
RS232 update rate 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz
RS232 data format 8 data bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, none parity, 115200 baud , ASCII
Response frequency 3Hz @-3dB
Switching parameter
Alarm output Open-collector(2 alarms/axis)
NO or NC optional
Trip angle Full range with min.0.005°interval
Hysteresis 0.01°~0.08°
Accuracy Trip point repeatable within ±0.005°
Vibration filtering 0.1~0.9
Delay time 0.5~5 seconds
Response time 10ms
Protection Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Open/Shorted Signal Leads, shorten transient Voltage Supply
Load capacity 1A@80VDC
Load voltage 3~80VDC
Load type Resistance, inductive
 Other parameter
Functions(via RS232) X/Y tilt data output, trip point setup, trip delay time setup, vibration filtering setup, NO/NC setup, Zeroing, Zero calibration
Power supply 9~36VDC
Power consumption Average working current≤200mA(25℃&24VDC)
Operation temperature range -40~85℃
Storage temperature range -60~100℃
Insulation resistance 100MΩ
MTBF ≥25000 h/times
Shock 100g@11ms, three-axis, half-sine
Vibration 8grms, 20~2000Hz
Protection IP67
Connecting Military class connector(GJB101A-1997, MIL-C-26482)
Weight 450g(without connector and cable)

① Combined absolute accuracy means the compositive value of sensor's absolute linearity, repeatability, hysteresis, offset and cross-axis sensitivity error.(in room temperature condition) as
②The cross-axis sensitivity means the angle that the tilt sensor may be banked to the normal tilt direction of sensor. The cross-axis sensitivity (± 0.1%FS)shows how much perpendicular acceleration or inclination is coupled to the inclinometer output signal. For example, for the single-axis inclinometer withrange ±30°(assuming the X-axis as measured tilt direction), when there is a 10° tilt angle perpendicular to the X-axis direction(the actual measuring angle is no change, example as +8.505°), the output signal will generate additional error for this 10° tilt angle, this error is called as cross-axis sensitivity error.SST300`s cross-axis sensitivity is 0.1%FS, the extra error is 0.1%×30°=0.03°(max), then real output angle should be +(8.505°±0.03°). In SST300 series,this error has been combined into the absolute accuracy
③ Offset means that when no angle input (such as the inclinometer is placed on an absolute level platform), output of sensor is not equal to zero,the actualoutput value is zero offset value.
④ Allowed installation misalignment means during the installation, the allowable installation angle deviation between actual tilt direction and sensor's nature measure ment direction. In general, when installed,SST300 sensor is required that the measured tilt direction keep parallel or coincident with sensor designated edge, this parameter can be allowed a certain deviation when sensor is installed and does not affect the measurement accuracy.