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Type 12 Phenol Case

NGT - Splash - Water Proof Type
Type 12 Phenol Case

Type 12
Operation Temp 0℃ 〜 70℃  
Differential Standards:10K 〜 30K
Temp Tolerance Standards:±3~10℃ ※Depend on Operation Temp
Max Ambient Temp 70℃
Resistance between Terminals

12P・12EP :Less than 10mΩ(Initial value)

12N・12EN・12C・12EC :Less than 30mΩ (Initial value)

Insulation Resistance Not less than 1,000MΩ/DC500V
Dielectric strength Not less than AC1,500V/1min.
Not less than AC1,800V/1sec
Endurance More than 10,000cycles (Standards)
NGT-Type 12 Phenol CaseNGT - Type 12 Phenol Case


  • Compliance with RoHS Directives.
  • Splash proof equivalent to IP67.
  • Please feel free to ask us in case that operation temp, Diffential, Temp Tolerance is not standard.