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Moflon MT038 - Through Bore Slip Ring
Through bore 38.10mm(1.5"),Overall Diameter: 99mm(3.9")
MT038 series are standard, off-the-shelf products, Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections.It can provides a 38.10mm(1.5") through-bore for routing of hydraulic or pneumatic lines or hydraulic or pneumatic rotating shaft installation, and a compact 99mm outside diameter, features long life, fiber brush contact technology for ultimate performance in many challenging applications.


MT03818 -  06   12

Rings 2~96(see table as below) Current Signal(2A) or 10A
Voltage 600 VDC/VAC Max speed 1000RPM
Through bore size 38.1mm(1.5") Overall diameter 99mm(3.9")
Housing Material Aluminium Alloy Torque 0.05N.m;+0.03N.m/6rings
Working life depends on working speed Contact material Precious Metal:Gold-Gold
Electrical noise <5 mOhm Contact Resistance <2 mOhm
Dielectric strength 1000VDC@50Hz Lead Wire UL Teflon® Awg22,Awg16
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ@600VDC Lead Lengths 300mm(12")
Operating Temp. -40°C to 80°C Protection IP51
Mechanical vibratio MIL-SID-810E Humidity 10% to 85% RH
Materials Lead Free,RoHS compliant CE Certified YES
Total Rings=2, Length=31.6mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03802-0200 2X10A MT03802-0002 2XSignal(2A)
Total Rings=3, Length=35mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03803-0300 3X10A MT03803-0003 3XSignal(2A)
MT03803-0102 1X10A+2Xsignal(2A) MT03803-0201 2X10A+1Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=6, Length=45mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03806-0600 6X10A MT03806-0006 6Xsignal(2A)
MT03806-0204 2X10A + 4Xsignal(2A) MT03806-0402 4X10A + 2Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=12, Length=65.5mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03812-1200 12X10A MT03812-0012 12Xsignal(2A)
MT03812-0210 2X10A + 10Xsignal(2A) MT03812-0408 4X10A + 8Xsignal(2A)
MT03812-0606 6X10A + 6Xsignal(2A) MT03812-0804 8X10A + 4Xsignal(2A)
MT03812-1002 10X10A + 2Xsignal(2A)  
Total Rings=18, Length=86mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03818-1800 18X10A MT03818-0018 18Xsignal(2A)
MT03818-0216 2X10A + 16Xsignal(2A) MT03818-0414 4X10A + 14Xsignal(2A)
MT03818-0612 6X10A + 12Xsignal(2A) MT03818-0810 8X10A + 10Xsignal(2A)
MT03818-1008 10X10A + 8Xsignal(2A) MT03818-1206 12X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
MT03818-1404 14X10A + 4Xsignal(2A) MT03818-1602 16X10A + 2Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=24, Length=106.4mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03824-2400 24X10A MT03824-0024 24Xsignal(2A)
MT03824-0618 6X10A + 18Xsignal(2A) MT03824-1212 12X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
MT03824-1806 18X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)  
Total Rings=30, Length=126mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03830-3000 30X10A MT03830-0030 30Xsignal(2A)
MT03830-0624 6X10A + 24Xsignal(2A) MT03830-1218 12X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)
MT03830-1812 18X10A + 12Xsignal(2A) MT03830-2406 24X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=36, Length=147mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03836-3600 36X10A MT03836-0036 36Xsignal(2A)
MT03836-0630 6X10A + 30Xsignal(2A) MT03836-1224 12X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)
MT03836-1818 18X10A + 18Xsignal(2A) MT03836-2412 24X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
MT03836-3006 30X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)  
Total Rings=42, Length=167.6mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03842-4200 42X10A MT03842-0042 42Xsignal(2A)
MT03842-0636 6X10A + 36Xsignal(2A) MT03842-1230 12X10A + 30Xsignal(2A)
MT03842-1824 18X10A + 24Xsignal(2A) MT03842-2418 24X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)
MT03842-3012 30X10A + 12Xsignal(2A) MT03842-3606 36X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=48, Length=188mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03848-4800 48X10A MT03848-0048 48Xsignal(2A)
MT03848-0642 6X10A + 42Xsignal(2A) MT03848-1236 12X10A + 36Xsignal(2A)
MT03848-1830 18X10A + 30Xsignal(2A) MT03848-2424 24X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)
MT03848-3018 30X10A + 18Xsignal(2A) MT03848-3612 36X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
MT03848-4206 42X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)  
Total Rings=56, Length=215mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03856-5600 56X10A + 0Xsignal(2A) MT03856-0056 0X10A + 56Xsignal(2A)
MT03856-0650 6X10A + 50Xsignal(2A) MT03856-1244 12X10A + 44Xsignal(2A)
MT03856-1838 18X10A + 38Xsignal(2A) MT03856-2432 24X10A + 32Xsignal(2A)
MT03856-3620 36X10A + 20Xsignal(2A) MT03856-4808 48X10A + 8Xsignal(2A)
0X10A + 72Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=72, Length=269.5mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03872-7200 72X10A + 0Xsignal(2A) MT03872-0072
MT03872-1260 12X10A + 60Xsignal(2A) MT03872-2448 24X10A + 48Xsignal(2A)
MT03872-3042 30X10A + 42Xsignal(2A) MT03872-3636 36X10A + 36Xsignal(2A)
MT03872-4824 48X10A + 24Xsignal(2A) MT03872-6012 60X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=96, Length=351mm
Parts# Circuits Info Parts# Circuits Info
MT03896-9600 96X10A + 0Xsignal(2A) MT03896-0096 0X10A + 96Xsignal(2A)
MT03896-1284 12X10A + 84Xsignal(2A) MT03896-2472 24X10A + 72Xsignal(2A)
MT03896-3660 36X10A + 60Xsignal(2A) MT03896-4848 48X10A + 48Xsignal(2A)
MT03896-6036 60X10A + 36Xsignal(2A) MT03896-7224 72X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)
MT038(Parts# of Large Current)
Parts# Circuits Info Length Parts# Circuits Info Length
MT038-P0330-S02 3X20A+2Xsignal(2A) 45mm MT038-P0350 3X50A 45mm
MT038-P0280 2X80A 45mm MT038-P0430 4X30A 45mm
MT038-P0350-S06 3X50A+6Xsignal(2A) 65.5mm MT038-P0430-S06 4X30A + 6Xsignal(2A) 65.5mm
MT038-P03100-S02 3X100A+2Xsignal(2A) 65.5mm MT038-P0460-S02 4X60A + 2Xsignal(2A) 65.5mm
MT038-P0630-S04 6X30A+4Xsignal(2A) 65.5mm MT038-P0650-S02 6X50A + 2Xsignal(2A) 65.5mm
MT038-P03150 3X150A 86mm MT038-P04100 4X100A 86mm
MT038-P0380-S12 3X80A+12Xsignal(2A) 86mm MT038-P0480-S10 4X80A+10Xsignal(2A) 86mm
MT038-P0380-S18 3X80A+18Xsignal(2A) 106.4mm MT038-P0480-S16 4X80A+16Xsignal(2A) 106.4mm
MT038-P0680-S12 6X80A+12Xsignal(2A) 106.4mm MT038-P0880-S10 8X80A+10Xsignal(2A) 106.4mm


Standard drawings:

Optional FL01 Rotor Flanges mounting:

Optional FL02 Stator Flanges mounting:

12 wires for one group color. from 13 ... 24, repeat the same color as 1 ... 12,indicated with number code pipe.

Lead wire Color codes
Rings# Color Code Rings# Color Code Rings# Color Code
2 BRN 6 GRN 10 WHT
  • If you don't see what you want in this website,let us know; we may already have it designed or we will modify a design to meet your requirements. In many cases the specifications in the catalog can be changed to include bore size, circuits number, higher current/voltage,flange, lead wire length,shielding,connectors,higher speed,IP68,military grade,higher temperature, mixed with pneumatic/hydraulic capability. Please ask if you don't see exactly what you need as only a small fraction of our Moflon slip rings are included in this catalog!
  • Optional flange mounting.
  • Specified the wire exit direction.
  • Can combine more wires:1-120Ring
  • Specified connectors and Heat-shrink tube.
  • Longer lead lengths available.
  • Shielded cables
  • Connectors
  • Environmentally Sealed up to IP68@4Mpa
  • Frequencies up to 500 MHz
  • High-speed data transmission for fast Ethernet and EtherCat
  • Signal, Coax, and Power combinations
  • High Speed up to 20,000 rpm
  • Thermocouples
  • Shock, Vibration, and Temperature Qualified
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Capability
  • High temperature---up to 450 degree
  • High Voltage & large Current(1000A)
  • IP65,IP68 are avialable.
  • Military Grade.

 1.Main shaft mouted units:

A.Position the slip ring in the desired location and tighten both set screws to the shaft.Maximum torque 25Ib-in(DO NOT OVER TORQUE)
B.Route the wiring and make the neccessary connections.Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring.Do not constrain wiring such that wire flexing occurs.Doing so will ultimately cause failure(breakage of the wiring).

2.Housing mouted units:

A.Anti-Rotation tap used for connecting the stator of slip ring with the stationary member of euipment
B.Route the wiring and make the neccessary connections.Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring. 

Flange Mounting Instructions 

1. Align the mounting holes in the flange to mounting base and install flat washers and thread forming screws (NOT SUPPLIED) for plastic. Securely tighten screws.

2. Route the wiring and make the necessary connections. Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring.

3. Position a screw or dowel (NOT SUPPLIED) in the anti-rotation tab to the dimension as shown.

CAUTION: Because of possible geometric mismatching between the customer��s application and the slip ring, 'hard mounting' of both ends of the slip ring (i.e., securing the rotor and stator such that there is NO floating during operation) is not recommended and may cause premature failure

Build On Your Request/Special requirements

MOFLON specialize in customized solutions, Now our models have over 12000, and over 80% model are customized on customer request and base on technology and full experience, our slip ring solution including traditionary carbon brush, gold wire contact, gold fiber brush contact, no contact transmit, each solution application depend on the customer real application request with economically, high quality and reliability.

MOFLON supply build-on-request service base on MT038 series, the delivery time of build-on-request is 2 weeks,and price is only 10%~30% more than the standard version.

Now, Let's start - how to build on request?
Customized Order Instructions:


  • Build-On-Request Flowing: