MC - Kapsül Tip Slip Rings

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MC260 - Kapsül Tip Slip Rings
Dış Çap 22.00mm(0.87"), uzunluk 26mm(1.02")
MC260 slip ringler küçük ve kompakt yapıda 22mm dış çaplı 26mm uzunlukta, kapsül tipli, standart, satışa hazır slip ringler olup, basitleştirilmiş elektrik bağlantıları için renk kodlu ana kablolar statorda ve rotorda kullanılır. Her bir iletken için 90° V-kanal iletken tasarımı kullanılır.

MC2609, MC260'un üst versiyonudur, daha yüksek performanslı daha uzun ömürlüdür, daha yüksek devir hızına sahiptir, daha az gürültü çıkartır.

MC260 22mm*26mm 12 0 0 0 12 PDFCAD
MC260-P0304-S06 22mm*26mm 6 3 0 0 9 PDFCAD
MC260-P0208-S02 22mm*26mm 2 0 2 0 4 PDFCAD
MC260-P0308 22mm*26mm 0 0 3 0 3 PDFCAD
MC260-P0115 22mm*26mm 0 0 0 1 1 PDFCAD
MC260 Specifications
Wires Max 12(see table as above) Current Signal(2A),Multiple 2A
Voltage 240 VDC/VAC Max speed 250RPM
Overall diameter 22mm(0.87") Length 26mm(1.02")
Contact Material Precious Metal:gold-gold Contact Resistance <150mOhm(AWG28#,250mm)
Housing Material Plastics Torque 0.03N.m
Working life depends on working speed Electrical noise <10mΩ
Dielectric strength 600VDC@50Hz Lead Wire UL Teflon® Awg28
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ@500VDC Lead Lengths 250mm
Operating Temp. -40°C to 80°C Protection IP51
Mechanical vibratio MIL-SID-810E Humidity 10% to 90% RH
Materials Lead Free,RoHS compliant CE Certified YES

1)The operational life of the unit is dependent upon rotational speed, environment and temperature.
2)Lead Wire size: 2A/signal -> AWG28, 4A -> AWG22, 8A -> Awg16, 15A -> Awg14, colored code.
3)Electrical noise is dependent upon the rotating speed and current,voltage. 


  Max Speed Working life Torque Housing 
Electrical noise①
MC260 250RPM depends on working speed 0.03 N·m Plastics 10mΩ
MC2609 1000RPM 1depends on working speed 0.008 N·m Metal 4mΩ

Standard drawings:

Lead wire Color codes
Rings# Color Code Rings# Color Code Rings# Color Code
2 BRN 6 GRN 10 WHT

Optional Flanges drawings:

At sometimes, we need a different flange for mounting instead, how should we do? 
Great! Moflon supply many flange style as below:
(when you order, pls add FL01 ... FL08 at the suffix of Part#, for example: MC260-12S-FL01 means MC260-12S with optional flange FL01.)


  • If you don't see what you want in this website,let us know; we may already have it designed or we will modify a design to meet your requirements. In many cases the specifications in the catalog can be changed to include bore size, circuits number, higher current/voltage,flange, lead wire length,shielding,connectors,higher speed,IP68,military grade,higher temperature, mixed with pneumatic/hydraulic capability. Please ask if you don't see exactly what you need as only a small fraction of our Moflon slip rings are included in this catalog!
  • MC2609 is the high-end version corresponding to MC260.
  • Optional flange mounting.
  • Specified connectors and Heat-shrink tube.
  • Longer lead lengths available.
  • High temperature is optional.
  • Military Grade.

Flange Mounting Instructions 

1. Align the mounting holes in the flange to mounting base and install flat washers and thread forming screws (NOT SUPPLIED) for plastic. Securely tighten screws.

2. Route the wiring and make the necessary connections. Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring.

3. Position a screw or dowel (NOT SUPPLIED) in the anti-rotation tab to the dimension as shown.

CAUTION: Because of possible geometric mismatching between the customer��s application and the slip ring, 'hard mounting' of both ends of the slip ring (i.e., securing the rotor and stator such that there is NO floating during operation) is not recommended and may cause premature failure

Shaft Mounting Instructions(For Through bore style) 

1.Main shaft mouted units:

A.Position the slip ring in the desired location and tighten both set screws to the shaft.Maximum torque 25Ib-in(DO NOT OVER TORQUE)
B.Route the wiring and make the neccessary connections.Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring.Do not constrain wiring such that wire flexing occurs.Doing so will ultimately cause failure(breakage of the wiring).

2.Housing mouted units:

A.Anti-Rotation tap used for connecting the stator of slip ring with the stationary member of euipment
B.Route the wiring and make the neccessary connections.Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring. 

Typical Application

  • CCTV Monitoring System.
  • Electrical test equipment.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Rotary table
  • Robotics
  • Laboratory equipmen
  • Manufacturing and process control equipment